Richmond is a wondrous place to live, but the city has been known as being out of the way. Now, commuters can make the waterfront their new highway.

San Francisco is synonymous with the Bay Area, but if you’ve decided to make the trek here, there are many neighboring communities to discover and we provided the cook’s tour of some of them in an earlier post.

Richmond is another gem you can call home and the region’s newfound investment in water transit capacity will ease pressure on jammed freeways to make this city a more attractive destination for renters.

Richmond is an incredibly unique and diverse place and perhaps the only part of the Bay Area where people will regularly know your name after meeting you once. The rising price of housing elsewhere and the influx of tech workers has brought new faces, but Richmond has not lost its small-town vibe – the best parts and people have remained the same.

You likely won’t tire of the seriously good eats, panoramic views in the endless parks and trails that are a paradise for hikers, bikers, and photographers, but if you do, there is still plenty to do. Explore the rich naval history of Richmond by checking out the Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historic Park or see the restored SS Red Oak Victory, a World War II cargo ship turned museum.

Those of you who are seeking art without navigating the swarms of people that mob other Bay Area art walks, Point Richmond provides relief. These and many more aspects of Richmond living have endeared the city to many tenants, but while the city can grow on you quickly, it is nestled in western Costa County and has been a little out of the way.

After a Richmond ferry completed its maiden voyage on January 10th with a rousing welcome, Bay Property Group was excited to learn East Bay residents can avoid congestion and long commute times across the bridge by taking it by boat.

Renters will have their lives transformed by gliding from Richmond’s shoreline to downtown San Francisco in 35 minutes with some pretty nice views, comfortable seating, snack bars with beverage service, and complimentary WiFi on six vessels going to and fro the City by the Bay.

Get the schedule here »

Gliding into a new Richmond abode may not be so easy as hopping a ferry ride, but Bay Property Group will ease your transition – get in touch to explore your options and go apartment shopping.

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