If you are moving to the Bay Area, you’re not alone. A burgeoning population, global tech reputation, getting around easily with public transportation, a live-and-let-live attitude and mild weather are just some of the reasons why people are flocking here.

Before you move into that shiny apartment, you’ll have to make the transition. Bay Property Group has seen many smooth moves but we have also witnessed some disastrous experiences for tenants trying to settle in.

Selecting the right moving company is among one of the most important decisions you can make, but with with a profusion of interstate and local moving companies, it’s not an easy decision. We urge incoming tenants to do their due diligence before hiring any movers and a recent news story on how moving companies are accused of defrauding consumers brings this admonition home.

If you are moving locally, there are many good movers who can get the job done affordably and ensure your items get safely to your destination. We suggest conducting some online sleuthing on Yelp and other websites, as well as asking pointed questions, like whether they are properly licensed, how many vehicles they have, what type of liability coverage you are getting in the event of a mishap during the relocation (we recommend full value protection,) along with other probing questions to ensure the company is on the up-and-up.

Moving long distances is where it gets trickier.

Unfortunately, there are moving services who may throw out a low quote that the tenant can’t refuse, but we advise our future residents not to be a penny wise and a pound foolish. Many unsuspecting tenants can encounter delays, damaged goods, extra costs, and even have their belongings held hostage by unscrupulous moving companies.

There are several major carriers who are household names in the moving industry.  While they may not be the cheapest game in town, you be reasonably comfortable that by hiring a reputable company, you can avoid the common pitfalls and horror stories reported by tenants who rely on fly-by-night services.

Move smart, make a plan, and once you make the transition, Bay Property Group will make sure your stay in that shiny new apartment is as seamless as possible — taking great care of our renters is one of the hallmarks of our services.

Posted by: baypropertygroup on February 20, 2019
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