At Bay Property Group, our goal is to find the right-sized apartment for renters of all budgets and unique needs and we share the excitement of our residents when the keys to their shiny new apartment are handed over, but there is a special place in our hearts for tenants looking for a rental to enjoy their Golden Years.

The demographics of the rental market is changing. We were intrigued to come across this RentCafe article on the growing numbers of renters age 60+, a group on the cusp of surpassing those aged 34 and under.

Bay Property Group has personally welcomed many active seniors to their new surroundings and so while the raw numbers are interesting, we didn’t necessarily learn anything new. We are encouraged, however, that older adults are getting the respect they deserve in a changing rental market.

A new lease on life

Although the family home and its lifetime of memories are something to be cherished, many of our residents have made the choice to downsize when the kids have moved out and maintaining the home loses the charm it once did.

Bay Property Group knows the transition may be difficult, but it also begins a fun and exciting odyssey. It may also make good financial sense. We look forward to softening your landing and starting a new chapter in life.

Let’s start the journey

Want to live right in the thick of things? San Francisco apartment living can be a good choice for seniors who prefer to be surrounded by action. With a cornucopia of attractions, bustling and easily walkable streets and easy access to public transportation, the City by the Bay may be an excellent choice.

If a quieter area of San Francisco is more to your heart’s liking, Bay Property Group will show you the options. No matter your tastes and needs, we will help you zero in on the community, features, and amenities you need in an apartment at this stage of your life.

New friends and memories are on the horizon.

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