Home ownership is a right of passage and we take great pride at Bay Property Group in helping all buyers glide smoothly into the joys of owning a home. While there are many programs available to those aspiring for the safety and security of homeownership, San Francisco has singled out certain good neighbors who contribute much to the rest of us and guarantee the safety and security of all.

We stated the obvious in an earlier post that the Bay Area is a notoriously expensive place to live and provided some hard and fast numbers on median home prices. Given such astronomical home prices, buyers who come with a hefty down payment can separate themselves from the curious to the serious.

For the missing middle-income first responders and educators, however, it’s challenging to scrape up the funds necessary to make a fighting chance in this housing market.

First responders who serve us are universally acclaimed as heroes, but in many cases, the pay does not match up to the acclaim. Some help can be provided.

Active, uninformed and sworn police and fire personnel can make their own call to help by taking advantage of the Downpayment Assistance Loan Program. Under DALP, special funds are allocated for first responders and educators who want to put a downpayment on a house.

Every closing is an emotional moment for us at Bay Property Group, but it’s especially rewarding when the buyers are repaid our debt of service to the first responders who deserve a home to call their own.

Posted by: jimrutkowski on June 18, 2019
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